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5 Essential Time Saving Tips When Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner


Kicking off the official ‘Holiday’ season, Thanksgiving has snuck up on us quickly once again this year. Families and friends all across the country will gather to share a meal and take time to give thanks. While Thanksgiving can be a great time to visit with family and friends, make new memories, and enjoy a delicious meal – it can also be an incredibly stressful time for the host who is cooking the meal while trying to entertain guests.

To help eliminate some of the stress of preparing your Thanksgiving feast we have developed these 5 tips to ensure your meal goes off without a hitch and you can actually enjoy the day.

1.       Ask for Help When You Need It

Feeding a large crowd can be a huge task, don’t be afraid to ask for help in the kitchen, or to delegate out certain dishes for people to bring pot-luck style.

2.       Don’t Pick Thanksgiving to Experiment with New Recipes

Thanksgiving isn’t the time to pull an Iron Chef and attempt brand new recipes. Stick to the tried and true family favorites – or at least practice the recipe a few times before the big meal to ensure you don’t have a disaster on your hands.

3.       Prep Ahead of Time

Avoid the last minute rush by prepping as many things as possible the night before. Even if certain items can’t be cooked until right before the meal you can save time by chopping, measuring, and mixing ahead of time.

4.       Set the Table Early

The closer you get to dinnertime, the busier you will be. Consider setting the table first thing in the morning, or even the night before to avoid another time crunch. A beautifully set table will also help set a festive mood as your guests arrive.

5.       Order Sardella’s Pizza and Wings the Night Before

With all the prep, shopping, decorating and baking that you can do ahead of time, the best thing you can do is to NOT cook dinner the night before Thanksgiving. Ordering pizza and wings from Sardella’s in Phoenix or Peoria eliminates one additional stress right before your big meal.

The most important piece of advice that we could give is – have fun! Thanksgiving only comes around once a year, try to enjoy it and make new memories with your family and friends.

The holidays can be a busy time chocked full of parties, meal prep and corporate events. With holiday party catering from Sardella’s Pizza and Wings you can eliminate the stress of feeding a large crowd at your next group function*. View our catering menu online and select the dishes you would like to serve at your next big event.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from the entire Sardella Family!


*Please note, catering is not available on Thanksgiving or Christmas Day. 

Posted November 19th, 2014

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