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Different Pizza Styles from Around the U.S.


Recently the Sardella’s Pizza and Wings team attended the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas. This awesome show gives us a unique opportunity to check out the latest and greatest in restaurant equipment, try new products to consider adding them to the menu, and most importantly have the opportunity to meet with other pizza makers from around the country.

While we were at the expo one of the things that stood out to us was how many regional styles of pizza there are from different parts of the country. Here we will feature just a few of the more popular styles and highlight what makes each pie unique.

  • New York Style – When most of the Sardella’s Pizza and Wing customers picture pizza what they are thinking of is a basic New York Style. The crust should be both crisp and chewy and can be topped with any type of toppings, or a regular slice with just cheese.
  • Grilled Pizza (Rode Island) – Much as the name suggests Grilled Pizza is cooked quickly and directly on the grate of a grill. Toppings are generally sliced very thin prior to being added to ensure they cook thoroughly during the quick cooking time.
  • Ohio Style Pizza – The first thing you will notice about this style of pizza is that it is typically cut into square pieces, and that the cheese may not be melted all the way. The final unique feature of this pie is that the toppings are added after the crust, sauce, and cheese have already been cooked.
  • Deep Dish Pizza (Chicago) – Almost as well recognized as New York Style pizza, deep dish is a casserole like pizza; cooked in a deep pan, with the ingredients ‘filling’ the crust and mixing with generous amounts of cheese and chunky tomato sauce.
  • Tomato Pie (Philadelphia) – This thick and bread-y crust pie is made by stretching the crust and baking it in sheet pans then covering the crust with a heavy, sweet tomato sauce. No additional toppings or cheese are added aside from a sprinkle of parmesan.
  • Schiacciata (Northwest) – Better known as stuffed focaccia bread, this type of pizza is made without sauce, sliced in half, filled with pizza toppings, and baked again.

There are many, many more regional styles of pizza that we didn’t have time to list here, but we encourage our customers to try a local pie whenever you travel and see what type is your favorite (or second favorite, after the best pizza in Phoenix – Sardella’s Pizza of course!)

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Posted May 6th, 2015

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