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How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your One True Love, Pizza!

Thanks in part to a pair of animated dogs sharing a bowl of spaghetti in a famous Disney movie; Italian food has become synonymous with romance.

We’re certainly not going to complain, because pizza is pretty darned Italian, and if we at Sardella’s can help add romanza to your Valentine’s Day in Phoenix, we’re all for it!

picnic with a pizza

Heart-Shaped Box

Here’s a thought: Find a nice big box of Valentine’s Day candy – one that’s shaped like a heart. Save the candy somewhere else. Make sure it’s big enough to carry a pizza from Sardella’s, and then put the pizza in the box! Make sure to load it up with your sweetheart’s favorite toppings and surprise him or her by delivering the pizza to them for a delicious lunchtime surprise!

Hungry Heart

In keeping with the heart symbolism of the special day in question, we’re going to recommend our own Valentine’s Day pizza – A large pizza with a heart shape added in your favorite topping!

You order it and we’ll make a pizza delivery in Phoenix with our special pie, and leave the delicious reveal to you to surprise your main squeeze!

drawing of a pizza slice

Heartache Tonight

It might be that you’re single this Valentine’s Day. Or that you just can’t stand the marketing blitz that happens every February. But whatever the reason, you are resolved to have fun one way or another.

So call up a bunch of friends, single or otherwise, and put together a “Black Hearts Bash” that celebrates simply being together with pals. Cheesy pizza with all the toppings, good beer and wine, and good friends is a perfectly fine way to spend Valentine’s Day.

Owner of a Lonely Heart

You might have the misfortune to suddenly find yourself alone right before Valentine’s Day. This, naturally, is not fun. But since we’re going to be open anyway, you can visit one of our four Valley locations and grab some delicious comfort food. And you don’t even have to worry about what what’s-their-name and the toppings they didn’t like on their pizza which you haven’t had in ages. Load it up with all your personal favorites and chow down!

Sardella’s Pizza

Sometimes, it’s not the expensive dinners and even more expensive jewelry that make Valentine’s Day special. It’s about setting an intimate atmosphere, a comfy space for two people with some delicious food. This year, throw on a nice Bogart & Bacall romantic movie, and let Sardella’s Pizza handle your supper plans!

Posted January 25th, 2017

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