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Sardella’s Now Offers Boneless Wings!

With all the worries and fears flying around right now, we hate to add to your burdens by forcing a decision upon you, but – when it comes to ordering wings at Sardella’s – you now have an important choice to make: regular or boneless.

That’s right; Sardella’s is now serving the Phoenix area with boneless chicken wings at our four locations!

The bonuses of boneless wings

Boneless Wings at Sardella's

There are many people who like the idea of boneless chicken wings. Indeed, they embrace pure chicken meat without any sort of impediment for their teeth with gusto. All delicious breading and meat, coated in savory sauces, easily dipped in ranch or bleu cheese, consumed bite after glorious bite.

Why, you can just pop one in your mouth in its entirety and chew blissfully, unconcerned about anything that is not the meaty goodness of tastefully prepared chicken and artfully applied sauces.

You might regard with pity those that insist “a wing just isn’t a wing without the bones beneath it,” but that’s fine as far as you’re concerned. It only means more boneless wings for you!

The joys of regular wings

hot wings from Sardella's Pizza in Phoenix

For the regular wing connoisseur, boneless “wings” might be considered chicken nuggets with delusions of grandeur. For them, they know they’re eating an actual chicken wing precisely because of the bones. Sure, you may have to gnaw and nibble to get that last little bit of meat, but that’s all part of the fun of eating wings!

When you eat a dozen regular chicken wings, you have the proof right there with the bones laid out before you. There’s no such proof with boneless wings.

Other burning questions

Whether you prefer your wings with bones or boneless, there are other important questions to consider when enjoying these tasty treats:

  • Which of the seven delicious sauces at Sardella’s are you going to choose for your wings: Traditional, Hot, Suicide, BBQ, Spicy BBQ, Gold Fever or Bold Gold?
  • Do you want ranch or bleu cheese dressing served on the side with your wings?
  • Just how hungry are you? Sardella’s offers six-piece, 12-piece and 36-piece wings to satisfy any appetite!

Sardella’s Pizza & Wings

These are all very weighty and crucial questions, and all of them can be answered either by visiting us directly at one of our four Valley locations, or putting in an online or phone order for delivery.

Whether you come to us or we bring them to you, we at Sardella’s are confident that we have the best wings in Phoenix – with or without bones – and invite you to taste them for yourself!

Posted February 8th, 2017

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