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Beer Delivery in Phoenix

We’ve all known that horrible sudden realization of discovering you don’t have any beer (or any more beer) to drink with your pizza.
Whether it is movie night with the family, game day with your friends or guys/girls night in, nothing hits the spot quite as well as pizza and beer. At Sardella’s Pizza, we offer beer delivery so you can get your drinks delivered right to your door along with your meal.
We are proud to offer our customers beer delivery from our restaurants at 43rd Ave. and Cactus Road in Phoenix and 83rd Ave. and Lake Pleasant Parkway in North Peoria.

Phoenix Beer Delivery Menu

Would you like to experience the convenience of beer delivery? With Sardella’s Pizza and beer delivery service, you can quench your thirst without ever leaving home. Six packs of the following can be ordered for delivery with any food order, and since they come in cans, they are guaranteed to make it safely to you.

Coors Light
Corona (Yes, we even include the lime!)
Bud Light
Michelob Ultra

What is the maximum amount of beer I can order?

Whether you are having a casual night in with family or friends, or a large party, you have nothing to worry about. We have no maximum order, so order whatever amount will satisfy your needs and keep everyone happy.

Do you have a minimum order?

We do have a minimum order for pizza and beer delivery in Phoenix, but since it’s only $10, chances are your order will be at least that.

More importantly, we do require that you order food along with your beer. We know that having beer delivered right to your door may be the main reason for your order, but trust us and order some pizza, or at the very least, a couple orders of garlic knots to pass around. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Browse the beer delivery and in-store menu below to find something that’ll hit the spot.